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Film marketing is the systematic process of generating public interest and stimulating ticket sales for a movie. Its primary objective is to generate excitement and anticipation prior to the movie's release. Film marketing employs a range of strategies to enhance the movie's visibility, including advertising through various media channels such as print, television, radio, and online platforms. Promotional events and social media campaigns are also utilized to create a buzz around the movie. Collaborating with other companies to tap into their networks can prove advantageous as well. Furthermore, film marketing involves targeting specific audiences by identifying individuals who are likely to be interested in the movie. Trailers and teasers are frequently employed to provide glimpses into the movie's content and entice potential viewers. Ultimately, film marketing aims to raise awareness and generate interest in a movie, thereby contributing to its success.

In addition, effective film marketing may involve the creation of distinctive experiences for viewers. For instance, a movie may offer a virtual reality encounter that allows viewers to immerse themselves in the movie's world or provide interactive digital events that enable viewers to engage with the characters. Moreover, many movies offer exclusive merchandise or promotions to cultivate a sense of exclusivity and stimulate interest. These marketing tactics contribute to the creation of a memorable experience that encourages viewers to return for more.

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